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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Results 03-Apr-2008 Hal

Today's workout

5k rowing machine (level 4)
50 situps
50 squats
50 pushups

time: 32:51
5k time: 20:29

Lesson 1: make sure your equipment is in order before starting. For some reason, someone at the gym puts a yoga mat under the front legs of the rowing machine - bad idea, as it just makes the machine slide backwards as your workout continues. So after more than a minute trying to work with it as set up, I gave up and got everything fixed the way I wanted. So there's definitely futzing time in there, as well. I ended up breaking the others exercises up because there was some muscle fade going on. But done, as indicated, 32:51. Not bad, considering this was my first 5k on the rower.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Results 26-Mar-2008 Hal

3k Rowing machine (level 4) - 12:05
Dumbbell curls 30 lb 2x10
Hanging tricep row 50 lb 2x10
10 dips
15 leg curls @150 (machine)
15 leg extensions @ 135 (machine)
50 situps

Today's workout was actually a lot of fun. I enjoyed working with the rowing machine for that amount of time (usually, I only do about 500m as fast as possible). Then I did the weights instead of mat work because the wonderful gym I go to has 5(!) single person mats, which were naturally all in use. All in all, a good workout - the mix felt good. Much better than Monday's performance.

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