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Saturday, February 7, 2009

37.75 bicycle miles

Did 37.75 miles on my bicycle today - bringing my grand total for the year to 4% of my goal with 91.41 miles and leaving me with 2386.18 miles remaining. Some of these miles were hard fought. This included over 1100 feet of ascent. It started out quite a bit slower than usual - my wife is just getting into cycling and isn't quite ready to hit the speeds that I normally move at. However, after she turned back, I was really able to turn up the speed. I think that if I was able to push the trail consistently, I could probably average about 18 miles an hour (the trail is quite flat. There is some elevation gain but it's gradual. Most of the elevation on today's ride was on roads after we headed off the trail). Today was about 15. Next time, next time.


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