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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Uh, whoops

So it's been a while. But during that while I've been biking - a lot. Did the Seattle To Portland in July (204 miles, about 12 hours riding time and the GPS indicates that I burned 16,617 calories just during the ride. Add onto that all the calories I NORMALLY burn, and it's probably close to 19 or 20k. Not bad.

I normally bike to work twice a week. That's 18 miles there, 20 miles back. Sometimes I only ride in, depending on what my schedule is like. A one way trip burns 1400 calories, with the two way trip burning 2900.

Additionally, my wife and I have started the 100 push up challenge. My initial number was 21(R=real) push ups and my wife did 28 (K=kneeling) push ups. Today was our first day, and we both started out on track one. Her max was 25, mine was 15 (I also rode 38 miles today, so I think I did pretty good). Another thing that I'm starting is the 100 burpee challenge, or 100 days to 100 burpees. Unlike the push up regimen, the burpees are done every day. Wish me luck!

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