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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Holy Crap updates

So I've been keeping track of my workouts personally, but haven't updated my blog in over a month. So In an effort to appease my readers (my little brother), here they are, in as good of an order as I can get them in. I'll put the newest on top.


5k row 19:44.9 (PR)
Seated tricep press 1x8, 1x4 55 #/arm
50 situps
50 20 # medicine ball swings (like kettle bell swings, the medicine ball had a handle)
- 30 both arms, 10 left, 10 right.
5 10-count leg lifts
2x10 @ 120# calf raises
15 cable chops 45# side


Medicine ball throws on the BOSU ball - 10 #
2k row
1.4 mi run


Did this one with nissan. Lucky for him I captured both of our times
Medicine ball throws on the bosu ball - 16#.
1 mi run - me 7:45 nissan - 8:51
2k row - me 4:48 nissan - 9:30
3x8 mil press 55#, 65#, 70#.


34.10 mi bicycle ride 2:37:22'51. Lopez island.
First bicycle ride on the new bike. Felt good, especially once I taught myself how to shift correctly.

I don't have dates for these other ones:

3x10 bicep curl - 50#, 60#, 60#
3x7 Deadlift - 205#
2x50 situps (first 1:50'91, second 1:59'56)
10x10 pushups (keep that butt down!)
dumbell press 3x10 (30-35#)
1k row - 3:47

25 minute row - 5775m

Run 1 mi: 7:50'62
50 situps
50 pushups
lat pull 4x5 @ 180#
cable chop 3x10 (no weight recorded)
bicep curl 3x10 (no weight recorded)
1 k row 4:01
tricep row 3x10 (no weight recorded)

5k row 20:01
10x10 pushups
2x50 situps
2x50 squats
3x10 lat pull
with no weight for these.

There you have it. I know there are other workouts in there. I can remember their generalities, but not their specifics. I'll try to be more studious about this in the future.


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