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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hit the trail

So Friday was bike to work day. I did. 21.9 miles. Got a flat at the 15 mile mark. No way to fix it. Walked until someone stopped me and helped me out. The temporary patch worked great and got me to work, which was much appreciated. Made it the rest of the way without incident. Only went one way as my tube was still borked.

I replaced my tube Friday night.

Saturday I did 30 miles with my father in law. Pretty flat, but it was good to get right back out there. It was really friggin' hot out there and there was a headwind both ways (It's an out and back type of a trail). Back was sore from the two days of riding and the leg lifts I did earlier in the week.

So I'll see you all out on the trail.


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